Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Ceramicists!

Want more valuable ceramics blogs?  You've probably seen this listing already. But, if not, I challenge you not to find at least a few to add to your blog list...


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where has the time been going?!

Oh my goodness!! It's only 1 week away that I leave for the East Coast!! I could not be more excited!! A wonderful journey lies ahead--I am first visiting my friend Julia Whitney at Peter's Valley where she is a summer assistant. Love her and her work and can't wait to see them both!!

Then it's on to Snow Farm where I am Head of Ceramics for their High School Summer Program. It's going to be great, ceramics all day everyday with a group of ambitious, talented high-school age students. The campus is in the mountains of western Mass, so very beautiful and peaceful. We are far enough away from civilization to feel secluded and intimate but definately close enough for a quick drive for afternoon ice cream or a lobster roll at the local roadside stand. In the words of Rebecca Black: "fun, fun, fun, fun." Thats not to say we don't all work hard; its definately a work hard, play hard, go to bed uber tired type situation.

AND THEN: When I return from Snow Farm we only have 3 weeks to move to North Carolina! I am a little stressed about all the logistics: finding a job, apartment, moving all the stuff without breaking the bank, and oh, yes, riding with my baby cat in a car for over 10 hours....but I'm soooo, sooo, sooo excited to move into my studio at the Odyssey and get working!

sooo...soon I will be posting images from the looong drive, stay with Julia, images of my student's work, definately the raku, and most likely other studio adventures ( last year this involved leeches and rats rotting in a rain-filled barrel ).

Til then, Take care lovelies!!