Thursday, November 3, 2011

aaaaannnddd, done.

         The frantic clamoring and rushing to get a show up always leaves me feeling like "whoa". after its done.  You just get used to the rushing and filling every second of the day with "go, go, go!", then the reception happens, then you're done. and suddenly the blinders drop off and you realize there's a whole world of things you haven't done. And that maybe a couple days away from the studio may do some good for your psyche.

So here I am, 6 days after the show.  I definately took a little break from the studio, but not too relax.  Actually, I think I may have forgotten how to relax around the time Bush got re-elected. Really.  So, no relaxing, but I did buy a desk for $5 (and have done a multitude of other things, including adding lots of stuff to my etsy!)  So I undertook repainting the desk. 

Here it is before I began: 

Here is the handles that came on it:

       And of course our curious little kitty had to know what this new playtoy was all about...She managed to get paint on her nose because she needed to pass it by her kitty sniff test.  There are also a couple footprints in the paint on top of the desk...*sigh, jasper...

    But painting went rather fast and here it is drying.  I got these sweet little copper knobs to complement the green paint.  should. look. awesome!
 far it seems like it may have been a fail.  I must have not sanded it enough, because you can run your fingernail over the paint and it will peel away...Or it could be that the paint isn't drying because it doesn't get over 55 in our house...So its sitting in the middle of our living room, just like this.  If the paint still peels Saturday, I am going to have to scrape ALL the paint off, sand down further past the previous finish, aand repaint. SUCK.  No matter what: I will get an adorable desk out of the situation. I am determined to put that $5 to good use (and the 25 the painting materials cost)

   I may have been better off relaxing to a movie, but that's just not my type A nature.