Friday, September 30, 2011

Ima a milk dud machine...

Check these out:

       I am working on a new wall piece for our residents show (which opens Oct. 28th!), and right now all the pieces look like giant milk duds!! They definately won't when the piece is done, but it makes me chuckle a little while I'm working on them. Someone did ask if I get hungry for milk duds while I work. But it does make me thirsty for beer. Or maybe thats cause I've been in the studio a lot and that makes me want beer. Or maybe I just really like fall seasonal beers. Whatever, I'm too poor for beer so its too bad anyways...

 I really like this image of the duds, they look like round mountains with no vegetation. Or... milk dud mountains! (wouldn't that be delightful?)

    I have also been working on many new forms and surfaces. Here is one little tray that I really like so far. The slip on him is a light green; I am so excited to get him fired!!


    Here is a pot I made for fun. I am really enjoying the design, I hope others do too! It is definately influenced by all the geometry writings I read over the last couple months.

    I have been experimenting a lot with my surfaces and designs. I have a whole slew of pots to fire as soon as I get the glaze tests through the kiln--woot!! I will be posting images of those soon hopefully.

Until next time:
      Gilbert says goodnite!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Just a quick rant:  I'm sure most artists will identify with my predicament.

I work too much to work!! I am very lucky to have found a job so quickly when I moved to Asheville to start a residency at the Odyssey; its apparently not easy around here though it only took me a week and my partner about 3ish...

but now I have been working at the restaurant 6 days a week!!! and on my only day off I have a shift as resident on duty for 8 hours.  ballsacks.  I work best when I have a good long day to play and work on several projects.  but I have no full days to work on work.  I have like 4 hours every couple days. I have asked for less hours, and the manager's very cordial reply was "ill try, but no promises"....that does not make me feel reassured.    so i want to find another job, only i dont have time to find a different job. and i cant just quit because jared's (my partner) paychecks wont catch up for a couple weeks.

aaand to compound my stress level, we have a resident show, southern highlands craft sale, and a studio stroll, all coming up in a month.  fuuuuckkk.  sometimes i feel like i should just quit the jobby job and make crazy amount of work and just work my ass off to sell it.  easier said than done though, so too risky.  (i like good food and a roof to live under)

well, i hope i dont sound like a whiney twat.  things will work out, however they happen.  keep me in your thoughts/prayers/meditations/daily human offering/whatever you do-- send good energy my way man.

take care darlings

oh and pics of new studio soon, i promise.  i took some but they were grainy yucky.

----little update-I quit!! I moved here to do the residency, i'm not going to let some serving job take over my life.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ooooh pretttyyy!!

I like these pots:

I love the depth in the glaze and slip decoration.

 Simple. Beautiful.

Thank you, Mr. Sean O'Connell, for making such beautiful objects.  I want one.

That is all. Take care lovelies.