Friday, September 30, 2011

Ima a milk dud machine...

Check these out:

       I am working on a new wall piece for our residents show (which opens Oct. 28th!), and right now all the pieces look like giant milk duds!! They definately won't when the piece is done, but it makes me chuckle a little while I'm working on them. Someone did ask if I get hungry for milk duds while I work. But it does make me thirsty for beer. Or maybe thats cause I've been in the studio a lot and that makes me want beer. Or maybe I just really like fall seasonal beers. Whatever, I'm too poor for beer so its too bad anyways...

 I really like this image of the duds, they look like round mountains with no vegetation. Or... milk dud mountains! (wouldn't that be delightful?)

    I have also been working on many new forms and surfaces. Here is one little tray that I really like so far. The slip on him is a light green; I am so excited to get him fired!!


    Here is a pot I made for fun. I am really enjoying the design, I hope others do too! It is definately influenced by all the geometry writings I read over the last couple months.

    I have been experimenting a lot with my surfaces and designs. I have a whole slew of pots to fire as soon as I get the glaze tests through the kiln--woot!! I will be posting images of those soon hopefully.

Until next time:
      Gilbert says goodnite!!

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