Friday, December 23, 2011

Baskets and Bows

    Just a quick post before the holiday hiatus!  I finished 3 new baskets this week.  I made one on a whim and it led to 3 and I think it may possibly become an obsession!  The porportions and volume are really fun to experiment with.  I really like the slight awkwardness of the long, boat-like one.  I would love to hear feedback and suggestions--lay 'em on me! The original one can be seen on my etsy: Basket

      They still have a ways to go with slip and decorating, not to mention glazing and firing too!  I'm so glad I got them to a point where they can chill for a week while I am away from the studio (it was so hard to leave today!! I really love my studio!) 

     Last week I pulled some mugs out of the kiln, and they looked great!  I don't often toot my own horn, but they are the best I have produced in a while-all that experimenting is paying off!! They were barely cool to the touch before I had to whisk them off to a local cup show.  I did take pics though, which will be posted soon. (Promise!)

  Anyways, what I am truly excited for right now is Christmas! We are driving home tomorrow, here's to hoping the kitty is ok with being in a car for 9ish hours.  A couple non-studio pics for once:

I made the bow for the gift on top and all our gift tags are handmade.

Our gifts for family and friends-many of them handmade!

Here's my partner in crime, life, and in raising a well-rounded cat, with some beer-making equipment.

          Safe travels and a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Happy Solstice, and/or Happy Kwaanza to all!! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is it awkward?

  Is it awkward to post a blog that does nothing but link yours to another blog?

Odyssey Resident blog post about our holiday sale:

Perhaps yes, but nothing is so awkward as the word awkward itself.  So many a's and w's. 

anyhoosier. good day ya'll!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The day I first heard a sonic boom:

 Been really busy lately getting ready for the holidays, amped up my working in the studio, and I've really been putting a lot of work into my etsy page.  As I was trying to figure out how to take photos, I realized how bizarre photo set-ups look, especially when you compare them to the photos that come out of the process: 

Set up and resulting photo:

               So crazy right? I think the more bo-janks my set up looks from a real-life perspective, the better the photos end up.  Anyway, it would be more efficient to use portfolio style images for my etsy, but I read somewhere that it helps potential buyers to see pots in a more domestic setting.  Like the above basket with fruit in it:

Love this new shape!! I have 3 larger ones in process in my studio.  Here's a link to my etsy (<--click there)

And for anybody who has ever had doubts about the quality of some things on etsy, you will surely enjoy this hilarious blog:  regretsy

Alllsooo, since my grandmother liked the Thanksgiving card I sent her so much, I will also share it with you. Enjoi!!


Happy Holidays, Bitches.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

aaaaannnddd, done.

         The frantic clamoring and rushing to get a show up always leaves me feeling like "whoa". after its done.  You just get used to the rushing and filling every second of the day with "go, go, go!", then the reception happens, then you're done. and suddenly the blinders drop off and you realize there's a whole world of things you haven't done. And that maybe a couple days away from the studio may do some good for your psyche.

So here I am, 6 days after the show.  I definately took a little break from the studio, but not too relax.  Actually, I think I may have forgotten how to relax around the time Bush got re-elected. Really.  So, no relaxing, but I did buy a desk for $5 (and have done a multitude of other things, including adding lots of stuff to my etsy!)  So I undertook repainting the desk. 

Here it is before I began: 

Here is the handles that came on it:

       And of course our curious little kitty had to know what this new playtoy was all about...She managed to get paint on her nose because she needed to pass it by her kitty sniff test.  There are also a couple footprints in the paint on top of the desk...*sigh, jasper...

    But painting went rather fast and here it is drying.  I got these sweet little copper knobs to complement the green paint.  should. look. awesome!
 far it seems like it may have been a fail.  I must have not sanded it enough, because you can run your fingernail over the paint and it will peel away...Or it could be that the paint isn't drying because it doesn't get over 55 in our house...So its sitting in the middle of our living room, just like this.  If the paint still peels Saturday, I am going to have to scrape ALL the paint off, sand down further past the previous finish, aand repaint. SUCK.  No matter what: I will get an adorable desk out of the situation. I am determined to put that $5 to good use (and the 25 the painting materials cost)

   I may have been better off relaxing to a movie, but that's just not my type A nature.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gettin' down with the plum

      Remember the milk dud mountains?  Their surface are finished and they got installed on the wall today!!

           Here is a pic of all of them on a ware cart, patiently waiting to be hung each in their own distinct place:

     This is an in process shot:  They were painstakingly numbered and installed exactly on the wall in specific places. yep. Took. a. long. time.  But I feel like I really learned a lot from making this piece so I am completely satisfied and happy with the process.

     I did several layers of inks on the surface, then did more detail with prismacolors.  Here are a couple individuals:

     I did do quite a bit of measuring that really helped in the installation process.  I measured exactly how far the circles were from the midpoint of the overall composition, and took notes on where the pieces fell according to a vertical diameter line, thus the need for a plum line during installation. It still took me about 9ish hours of install time, but not as bad as if I had tried to do it free-style.

Our resident show opens this Friday, and there is still so much to do--my head is spinning!! But it is going to be great fun and we are all really excited!

Something else I am really excited about it is these cups:

They aren't exactly what I was hoping for, but I feel like there is a lot of potential here.  They look the most like my drawings that I have been able to achieve on functional work.  After our show I am excited to nerd out and really try to develop this further. 

Anyway, very soon I will be updating my website to include newer images and adding many things to my etsy.

--That is all.

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ima a milk dud machine...

Check these out:

       I am working on a new wall piece for our residents show (which opens Oct. 28th!), and right now all the pieces look like giant milk duds!! They definately won't when the piece is done, but it makes me chuckle a little while I'm working on them. Someone did ask if I get hungry for milk duds while I work. But it does make me thirsty for beer. Or maybe thats cause I've been in the studio a lot and that makes me want beer. Or maybe I just really like fall seasonal beers. Whatever, I'm too poor for beer so its too bad anyways...

 I really like this image of the duds, they look like round mountains with no vegetation. Or... milk dud mountains! (wouldn't that be delightful?)

    I have also been working on many new forms and surfaces. Here is one little tray that I really like so far. The slip on him is a light green; I am so excited to get him fired!!


    Here is a pot I made for fun. I am really enjoying the design, I hope others do too! It is definately influenced by all the geometry writings I read over the last couple months.

    I have been experimenting a lot with my surfaces and designs. I have a whole slew of pots to fire as soon as I get the glaze tests through the kiln--woot!! I will be posting images of those soon hopefully.

Until next time:
      Gilbert says goodnite!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Just a quick rant:  I'm sure most artists will identify with my predicament.

I work too much to work!! I am very lucky to have found a job so quickly when I moved to Asheville to start a residency at the Odyssey; its apparently not easy around here though it only took me a week and my partner about 3ish...

but now I have been working at the restaurant 6 days a week!!! and on my only day off I have a shift as resident on duty for 8 hours.  ballsacks.  I work best when I have a good long day to play and work on several projects.  but I have no full days to work on work.  I have like 4 hours every couple days. I have asked for less hours, and the manager's very cordial reply was "ill try, but no promises"....that does not make me feel reassured.    so i want to find another job, only i dont have time to find a different job. and i cant just quit because jared's (my partner) paychecks wont catch up for a couple weeks.

aaand to compound my stress level, we have a resident show, southern highlands craft sale, and a studio stroll, all coming up in a month.  fuuuuckkk.  sometimes i feel like i should just quit the jobby job and make crazy amount of work and just work my ass off to sell it.  easier said than done though, so too risky.  (i like good food and a roof to live under)

well, i hope i dont sound like a whiney twat.  things will work out, however they happen.  keep me in your thoughts/prayers/meditations/daily human offering/whatever you do-- send good energy my way man.

take care darlings

oh and pics of new studio soon, i promise.  i took some but they were grainy yucky.

----little update-I quit!! I moved here to do the residency, i'm not going to let some serving job take over my life.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ooooh pretttyyy!!

I like these pots:

I love the depth in the glaze and slip decoration.

 Simple. Beautiful.

Thank you, Mr. Sean O'Connell, for making such beautiful objects.  I want one.

That is all. Take care lovelies.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I have a confession....

I am a terrible blogger.  It's been almost 2 months since I wrote an entry...and so much has happened that I could have written about.  The time just wasn't available...but, I can quickly do a little catch up now...

So, I spent a solid 6 weeks on the east coast, between travels, visiting people, and teaching.  I taught at Snow Farm for the high school summer program. The students were faaantabulous!! And so was my co-teacher, Ariana Kolins, who is my new ceramics wife.  She really makes really lovely handbuilt work.  Since I am mainly a thrower, teaching together was the perfect team.  Here are some pics of students' work:

Gabe's Fish Pot--fantastic use of mishima

 Isabel's Tree--She decided to
 pit fire it, and the natural surface was a great choice for the form!

Olivia's Slab Built Pitcher--what a great form!

    There were many other fantastic pieces made--I wish I had taken more pictures!!  (Students, if you read this send me pics!!)

So, in other news:  I have relocated to Asheville, NC to do a residency at the Odyssey Center.  I moved my stuff into my studio last week and I am anxious to get working!  My space is very cozy--at the far end of the resident spaces.  Pics posted soon of my new space and of new work in progress  :)

 I am slowly re-entering cyber-land from my summer hiatus, and with that I am posting more things on etsy. 
Take a look here:  my etsy 

Thanks and take care!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Ceramicists!

Want more valuable ceramics blogs?  You've probably seen this listing already. But, if not, I challenge you not to find at least a few to add to your blog list...


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where has the time been going?!

Oh my goodness!! It's only 1 week away that I leave for the East Coast!! I could not be more excited!! A wonderful journey lies ahead--I am first visiting my friend Julia Whitney at Peter's Valley where she is a summer assistant. Love her and her work and can't wait to see them both!!

Then it's on to Snow Farm where I am Head of Ceramics for their High School Summer Program. It's going to be great, ceramics all day everyday with a group of ambitious, talented high-school age students. The campus is in the mountains of western Mass, so very beautiful and peaceful. We are far enough away from civilization to feel secluded and intimate but definately close enough for a quick drive for afternoon ice cream or a lobster roll at the local roadside stand. In the words of Rebecca Black: "fun, fun, fun, fun." Thats not to say we don't all work hard; its definately a work hard, play hard, go to bed uber tired type situation.

AND THEN: When I return from Snow Farm we only have 3 weeks to move to North Carolina! I am a little stressed about all the logistics: finding a job, apartment, moving all the stuff without breaking the bank, and oh, yes, riding with my baby cat in a car for over 10 hours....but I'm soooo, sooo, sooo excited to move into my studio at the Odyssey and get working!

sooo...soon I will be posting images from the looong drive, stay with Julia, images of my student's work, definately the raku, and most likely other studio adventures ( last year this involved leeches and rats rotting in a rain-filled barrel ).

Til then, Take care lovelies!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I need a sensei

Nothing like a massive mold fail to ruin one’s day.  This one definitely makes the last mold fail look like a dang picnic.  I think its time I take a mold making class so I can learn what I have been doing wrong.  If anyone knows of one or can recommend a specific person to try to take one with, I would greatly appreciate it.

 It’s so annoying, never does a mold I make for fun break, only those that I have spent countless hours preparing.  This time it was a vertebrae cup I was particularly fond of.  It’s been waiting to be cast for about 2 months now because that’s about how long it’s been since I had a day free between work, my drawing show, and springtime busy-ness.

I’m not quite sure what happened but, basically, the plaster came out the bottom of the mold in a pretty little (giant) puddle.  I'm fairly certain that it was related to the cup had waited so long to be cast and had been repeatedly reconstituted.  (I have been casting in greenware state, works well for most forms so far, but apparently not tumblers) 

I tried to save it by frosting the plaster on, but the terror was so great that it was not possible to cast the other half after the plaster set. No salvaging any of it.  I was hoping to at least be able to cast the bottom half of the tumbler and maybe turn it into mugs.  

Here’s the giant mess.  It would not have been so bad, but it just felt so good to throw it on the floor malevolently.  It wasn't worth the time to try to save any of it.

In other happier website has images up of the new drawings I did for my recent solo. 
Check them out here:
If you are interested in having any of my drawings or prints made of them please let me know and we can definately arrange it!!

Until next time, Take Care!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Studio, I am sorry

Ernie has become a storage space:

So all the work for my upcoming drawing show and the residency applications I have been sending out has left me no time to work in my clay studio.  I feel guilty and sad for my lonely, neglected studio.  I wrote this letter:

Dear Clay Studio,

I am sorry that you have been neglected the past couple weeks.  Yes, I realize that bucket of reclaim is ready to be dried and wedged. And yes, vertebrae cup, I do care, and I do want to cast you. It’s just, you know, there’s another medium:  drawing.  Yes, I know it is not as fulfilling as you, but as soon as this show is over, we will continue on as if nothing every happened.  So be patient.  I will return soon. 

Forever yours,


Friday, April 15, 2011

Upcoming Show!!

I have been offered a solo of my drawing work at Lotus Arts in St. Louis on Cherokee (2608 Cherokee) Beautiful space! So very excited to show there!! I am working hard to get ready. Some of the drawings can be seen on my website.

The show, titled “Common Infinities” will be up from April 23rd to June 3rd.  The reception will be on May 6th, from 7-10 pm.   There is another fantastic show happening that night at Mad Art. It is the MFA Thesis show of Dan Van Tassell ( and Brett Freund. 

After checking out the space I decided I wanted to make a couple smaller sized drawings.  As promised, here are some in progress pics:

I begin with white paper.  Basically the drawings are developed in the beginning by spraying ink and paint onto paper and allowing it to dry so that it creates beautiful filigree-like edges. 
This is the first stage of this set--looks like, well. yep.

    Drawings at various states in what I call the puddle-layering process.  (I know, so technical)
    This spot looked really nice, had some great qualities.  I especially enjoy the sheen on the blue--Bling!


    The same drawings further in the process, and a new baby in the middle...

      Thought the clay people may enjoy this-- The way the ink settled on the above drawing and detail at left looked really similar to the orange-peel affect you can achieve in atmosphere kilns--this one reminded me of some of my tea sets and vertebrae cups.

     This is what a drawing looks like when the puddle process is complete. I know it does not look like much at all, but once I work back into it with dry media, it changes quite a bit. Since this specific set was intended to be made into smaller drawings, I will find interesting areas and tear them down into smaller compositions. Below is another drawing that was just finished.

Anyway, come to the show!! Beautiful art, good food, and great company—what else is there to be desired!?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello Hello!!

        Hello all! thank you much for checking out my blog! This is the first post and I am learning as I go.  The purpose of this blog will be to follow my studio adventures in my home ceramics studio.  I recently graduated, and so I am undergoing the shift from school-studio to the new challenges of a private studio.  For your enjoyment, I will post images from my studio, images of others' work that I think is fantastic, and some of my own images.  If you are overcome with excitement, and would like to see images of my work now, the url is:

To kick off my blog, I thought it would be fun to post some studio images so you can get to know the environment in which I work:

Here is a view of my work table-I've recycled an old glass pane from an entertainment center to function as a dry-erase board for to-do lists.  Works amazingly!

This is my wheel, Ernie.  He is a Brent Model B.  Usually he stays much cleaner than this photo would leave one to believe.  We all have our bad days.

This is how I dry work faster in my basement level studio--works, make the studio smell good and adds to the ambience. What more could I require of my drying?

Ahh, the infamous vertebrae cup mold fail.  This is what it looks like when your mold walls fail.  Bad Day.

       And not to be forgotten, one of my favorite parts of my studio: my ipig, Gilbert.  His poor little ear does need some sort of stitches, butterflying, or minor surgery. But he is content and still makes my studio tunes happen for me.

    Thank you again for checking out my blog.  I hope to post often (as often as ceramics will allow--she is a jealous lover)    
                                Take care!