Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello Hello!!

        Hello all! thank you much for checking out my blog! This is the first post and I am learning as I go.  The purpose of this blog will be to follow my studio adventures in my home ceramics studio.  I recently graduated, and so I am undergoing the shift from school-studio to the new challenges of a private studio.  For your enjoyment, I will post images from my studio, images of others' work that I think is fantastic, and some of my own images.  If you are overcome with excitement, and would like to see images of my work now, the url is:

To kick off my blog, I thought it would be fun to post some studio images so you can get to know the environment in which I work:

Here is a view of my work table-I've recycled an old glass pane from an entertainment center to function as a dry-erase board for to-do lists.  Works amazingly!

This is my wheel, Ernie.  He is a Brent Model B.  Usually he stays much cleaner than this photo would leave one to believe.  We all have our bad days.

This is how I dry work faster in my basement level studio--works, make the studio smell good and adds to the ambience. What more could I require of my drying?

Ahh, the infamous vertebrae cup mold fail.  This is what it looks like when your mold walls fail.  Bad Day.

       And not to be forgotten, one of my favorite parts of my studio: my ipig, Gilbert.  His poor little ear does need some sort of stitches, butterflying, or minor surgery. But he is content and still makes my studio tunes happen for me.

    Thank you again for checking out my blog.  I hope to post often (as often as ceramics will allow--she is a jealous lover)    
                                Take care!

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