Friday, April 15, 2011

Upcoming Show!!

I have been offered a solo of my drawing work at Lotus Arts in St. Louis on Cherokee (2608 Cherokee) Beautiful space! So very excited to show there!! I am working hard to get ready. Some of the drawings can be seen on my website.

The show, titled “Common Infinities” will be up from April 23rd to June 3rd.  The reception will be on May 6th, from 7-10 pm.   There is another fantastic show happening that night at Mad Art. It is the MFA Thesis show of Dan Van Tassell ( and Brett Freund. 

After checking out the space I decided I wanted to make a couple smaller sized drawings.  As promised, here are some in progress pics:

I begin with white paper.  Basically the drawings are developed in the beginning by spraying ink and paint onto paper and allowing it to dry so that it creates beautiful filigree-like edges. 
This is the first stage of this set--looks like, well. yep.

    Drawings at various states in what I call the puddle-layering process.  (I know, so technical)
    This spot looked really nice, had some great qualities.  I especially enjoy the sheen on the blue--Bling!


    The same drawings further in the process, and a new baby in the middle...

      Thought the clay people may enjoy this-- The way the ink settled on the above drawing and detail at left looked really similar to the orange-peel affect you can achieve in atmosphere kilns--this one reminded me of some of my tea sets and vertebrae cups.

     This is what a drawing looks like when the puddle process is complete. I know it does not look like much at all, but once I work back into it with dry media, it changes quite a bit. Since this specific set was intended to be made into smaller drawings, I will find interesting areas and tear them down into smaller compositions. Below is another drawing that was just finished.

Anyway, come to the show!! Beautiful art, good food, and great company—what else is there to be desired!?

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