Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gettin' down with the plum

      Remember the milk dud mountains?  Their surface are finished and they got installed on the wall today!!

           Here is a pic of all of them on a ware cart, patiently waiting to be hung each in their own distinct place:

     This is an in process shot:  They were painstakingly numbered and installed exactly on the wall in specific places. yep. Took. a. long. time.  But I feel like I really learned a lot from making this piece so I am completely satisfied and happy with the process.

     I did several layers of inks on the surface, then did more detail with prismacolors.  Here are a couple individuals:

     I did do quite a bit of measuring that really helped in the installation process.  I measured exactly how far the circles were from the midpoint of the overall composition, and took notes on where the pieces fell according to a vertical diameter line, thus the need for a plum line during installation. It still took me about 9ish hours of install time, but not as bad as if I had tried to do it free-style.

Our resident show opens this Friday, and there is still so much to do--my head is spinning!! But it is going to be great fun and we are all really excited!

Something else I am really excited about it is these cups:

They aren't exactly what I was hoping for, but I feel like there is a lot of potential here.  They look the most like my drawings that I have been able to achieve on functional work.  After our show I am excited to nerd out and really try to develop this further. 

Anyway, very soon I will be updating my website to include newer images and adding many things to my etsy.

--That is all.

Thanks for reading!!