Saturday, August 13, 2011

I have a confession....

I am a terrible blogger.  It's been almost 2 months since I wrote an entry...and so much has happened that I could have written about.  The time just wasn't available...but, I can quickly do a little catch up now...

So, I spent a solid 6 weeks on the east coast, between travels, visiting people, and teaching.  I taught at Snow Farm for the high school summer program. The students were faaantabulous!! And so was my co-teacher, Ariana Kolins, who is my new ceramics wife.  She really makes really lovely handbuilt work.  Since I am mainly a thrower, teaching together was the perfect team.  Here are some pics of students' work:

Gabe's Fish Pot--fantastic use of mishima

 Isabel's Tree--She decided to
 pit fire it, and the natural surface was a great choice for the form!

Olivia's Slab Built Pitcher--what a great form!

    There were many other fantastic pieces made--I wish I had taken more pictures!!  (Students, if you read this send me pics!!)

So, in other news:  I have relocated to Asheville, NC to do a residency at the Odyssey Center.  I moved my stuff into my studio last week and I am anxious to get working!  My space is very cozy--at the far end of the resident spaces.  Pics posted soon of my new space and of new work in progress  :)

 I am slowly re-entering cyber-land from my summer hiatus, and with that I am posting more things on etsy. 
Take a look here:  my etsy 

Thanks and take care!!