Thursday, December 8, 2011

The day I first heard a sonic boom:

 Been really busy lately getting ready for the holidays, amped up my working in the studio, and I've really been putting a lot of work into my etsy page.  As I was trying to figure out how to take photos, I realized how bizarre photo set-ups look, especially when you compare them to the photos that come out of the process: 

Set up and resulting photo:

               So crazy right? I think the more bo-janks my set up looks from a real-life perspective, the better the photos end up.  Anyway, it would be more efficient to use portfolio style images for my etsy, but I read somewhere that it helps potential buyers to see pots in a more domestic setting.  Like the above basket with fruit in it:

Love this new shape!! I have 3 larger ones in process in my studio.  Here's a link to my etsy (<--click there)

And for anybody who has ever had doubts about the quality of some things on etsy, you will surely enjoy this hilarious blog:  regretsy

Alllsooo, since my grandmother liked the Thanksgiving card I sent her so much, I will also share it with you. Enjoi!!


Happy Holidays, Bitches.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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