Monday, January 2, 2012

Yay mugs!!

    A couple pics of recent mugs...not normal portfolio quality....but, I had to take the pics fast before the cups went into a cup show featuring local artists.  Not really too bad for a point and shoot camera and a white backdrop.  (Although, Erin Paradis somehow manages to take awesome images with this backdrop.)

So without much further ticky talk :

         I went to go see the cup show today, and I guess I walked in shortly after one of my cups had sold!!  A big thanks to Julie Covington for organizing the show and inviting me to participate!

    I think these 2 are my favorites. I really like the way the underglaze makes the glaze form little runnies when I dip the pieces.


  For some reason, I cannot seem to properly fix images taken with a point and shoot, the way I can with a D-SLR.  I think it's time to take a tutorial.  These images make the cups look much more intense than they really are.  They are actually much more subdued and subtle in variations, and I think very attractive in those qualities.

aaannd I mustn't forget...

Happy New Year!!!

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