Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just a quick peek

I have been having so much fun working on these new wall boxes I made!! Combining opaque and transparent materials on the surface of clay is really doing it for me; I am really excited about the direction these are going! (note: these are studio shots, not portfolio shots!)

   I have been reading a book about string theory lately.  I never took physics in college or high school, and I really wish I had!! What fun those ideas are!! They make me really giddy!  I need to get a good book on Einstein's theory of everything, if anyone wants to recommend one... I am very interested and think it would bring together many of the ideas I already have been playing with concerning mind vs brain, human compulsion to measure (even when we don't really know what the measurements in the search to find measurements for the mind), and the idea that the mind holds a universe within itself (within the larger universe we live in, ahhhh!!)

 Anywho,  these are inspired by neuroscience, the act of measuring infinity, circles, and my recent reading in physics.

I hope you like!!

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