Sunday, August 12, 2012

well hello

Hi all!

I've been a busy beaver, and haven't had time to post in a while.  Just got back to NC 2 weeks ago from being at Snow Farm Craft Program for the past month.  I taught ceramics for the high school summer program.  Living among incredible artists and highly motivated young minds for a month, wow. It was aaammaaaazing!!!  It took me about 4 days to unpack, and sleep off the 16 hour drive amidst teaching kids summer camp at Odyssey the day I rolled back into town.  Then my partner's brother visited, which was a crazy fantastic time!!

Now, I can finally get back to my studio and produce some work.  I feel very honored to say that I have several shows soon on the horizon, which means I will be living in my studio! goodbye life!

Right before I left I pulled some pieces out of the kiln that I am still excited over. Here are a couple:

  I can't wait to make more of these pieces.  I am currently working on finishing up 5 wall boxes in my studio.  I have some exciting ideas for a couple mixed media/drawing pieces and also will be starting a new wall installation.  One of these days I will become a consistent blogger.  I just, well, computers and internet stuff is annoying.  I like real life. and art. I really like art. (and craft beer)

Good day lovelies.

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