Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is this real life?!

  Hello! Hello! Hope you all are having a happy fall!  My studio is looking crazy!!  I have been working crazy hard getting ready for all the fall sales I have had going on with the resident studio and WePot, the women's collective I am in.  Also, there has been an onslaught of show deadlines for me this fall.  It was nice to have so much work getting out there, but damn, I am tired!  No, in reality I am really grateful for all the invitations and opportunities.  I have one major show deadline left before the end of November, and I am working on a wall installation for it.  The show is an exchange show between Odyssey resident artists and Flux Studios resident artists organized by Handmade in America.  I am super excited since opportunities for showing installations can be hard to find. The piece is going to have a surface similar to some recent wall pieces, and a format similar to a mixed media wall piece I did awhile ago for a solo in IL:

When you study the parts, the whole disappear
Ex.: Molecular Plasticity
Getting this surface involves many, many layers of color application.  I have to wait between layers while each dries.  So in the meantime, I am working on some drawings and also decorating a few pots.  My studio is super disorganized from so many things going on at once!

    On my table is the wall piece I am working on, on the shelves back there is a few drawings soaking, and the tiny table with my blue bottle is my decorating station for some pots.  Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.

Here are a couple in progress shots of the decorating process for my wall piece.:

Can't wait to get this done and post some images of the finished piece!

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