Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkeyday and Sending work to DC!

   The residents are busily preparing to send work off at the end of this week!  We are participating in an exchange show with the residents from Flux Studio.  Their work is super fantastic, and I feel very honored to participate in an exchange with them!  More information about the exchange here:  Flux/Odyssey Exchange Show

Here is the card for our show at the Flux Studio in DC:  

      I posted images in my last post of the wall piece I am making in progress.  I am nearly finished with this piece, and hopefully will have images up soon.  It leaves for DC Friday, so I am expecting a very productive week to finish it up!  

      Also.....I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! My two younger siblings came down from Illinois for a visit.  We had a fantastic time! I showed them the mountains, and we went hiking.  This is super exciting for flatlanders from the Midwest!!

 Here is me in my 1950s house-wifery from baking the turkey.  (ps. you should know I wore heels while I did the cooking, in true June Cleaver form!)

Here is the four of us, left to right, Julie, Jared (my man friend), me, and Tony:

At the base of a waterfall we climbed down...Julie dropped her phone into it...

Soon I will post the images of the wall piece finished!  Also, I took images of new work a short while ago, and should have some of those up in the next week or so as well...

Hope everyone had a lovely start to their holidays!!

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