Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wood and Brains

  Love this image.  I cut up some wood from a pile of old pallets behind the studio to use as risers.  Carefully avoiding the rusty nails, I got some beauties.  I lined them up to paint it all white, then I realized that some of the pieces have wood grain that is just too beautiful to paint over.  This is the kind of grain that is only gained through age and experience; who am I to mask that with standard white?

In other news, I have been working on a large brain inspired form.  I have made it a point to never be literal in my work; it's just too easy to be literal and really doesn't say anything new.  This brain inspired form is likely to be the most directly derivative piece you will ever see come from my studio.  The overall shape is not necessarily brain-like, but the folds and movements are brain-like.

Early front view of the piece (above image)

And a back/side view

The piece from above

And the front almost finished.

I will post more images soon.  I added more to the top, and built a "peephole" in where you see the large gap in the last image.  The opposite side of the piece, where there is a large smooth spot, now has a hole cut so that I can install a resin dome post firing.  Inside the piece I am going to install lights and mirrors so that when you look through the peephole you see the resin dome on the opposite side of the piece.  I am not sure what I will be casting in the resin dome, but I am open to suggestions! (perhaps a neuron...)  I think it will be a really exciting piece in which the viewer gets to be the scientist and peer into the brain, discovering what is on the other side...

Have a lovely week everyone!

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